Techniques for penis enlargement

Techniques for penis enlargement

Techniques for penis enlargement

Techniques for penis enlargement – Although studies have concluded that for most women the size of the male penis is not so important, but it seems that no woman was satisfied with a small penis, most men would like their penis to be larger. Despite the fact that there is many drugs and drugs on the market that, supposedly, could lead to considerable penis enlargement, often have a negative effect on the general health of men.

So in the following we will present some of the most taboo, but seemingly, effective methods of penis enlargement by nature, which primarily involve control and patience. Most of these methods involve specialized penis massage and require self-control to avoid masturbation, especially as methods that need to be repeated at certain intervals.



Techniques for penis enlargement – Penis Growth Methods

“The size of the penis depends on several factors, from genetic factors to hormones. During puberty, the penis increases in size under the action of male sex hormones but its responsiveness to hormones is lost after the puberty, the size of the penis can no longer be influenced even if we administer sex hormones, “says Dr. Diana Loreta Paun, primary endocrinologist at the Clinic ExMedica.

We can not express a normal size of the penis, although a lot of studies have been done about what women want and what men have. Numerous men say they would do anything to have a bigger penis. But what can be done to make this desire happen? Are there any measures that can be taken and which have an effective outcome, or is everything in vain?

Men may be very critical of themselves and most of the time, even if they feel that the penis has insufficient dimensions, most often this is incorrect. The dimensions are normal, functional and should not be the reason for shame or inhibition. However, most men want a bigger penis.

Many men have admitted that they have started using penis enlargement creams and have come to the conclusion that using Titan gel you can get bigger penis.

What is Titan Gel? This gel works great for strengthening male health, improving overall condition. As read in the leaflet, it does not contain artificial additives, preservatives and genetically modified organisms.

For maximum effects, apply the cream daily, with mild motions, for a month. Its active components penetrate deep into erectile tissue, thus facilitating blood flow. The result is the increase in length and penis thickness, resulting in multiple and rapid orgasms for your partner (fast multiple orgasms). A lot of men around the world can confirm that the gel works at a rate of 100%. In addition, the weight / price Titan gel ratio on the official distributor site is excellent!

The main effects of the gel are penis enlargement, prolonged duration of erection, prolonged and intense orgasms and increased resistance during sexual intercourse. Results may vary from person to person, depending on body response and diet. However, the Titan Gel Forum shows that the product did not disappoint any man and, most importantly, no woman. Various comments on this product contain both titanium and pro and vice versa. The reason behind the counter opinions is counterfeit products that mimic this gel.

Many men are curious and want to find out which methods are for penis growth but especially which is most effective. There has been much debate over the length of the male organ since ancient times. All conversations, entrances and debates about penis size began with traditions and customs, especially this one representing the level of power and virility of a man, but also a greater attraction for the opposite sex.

The most common and often used method is the natural enlargement of the penis, more precisely through the gel

Techniques for penis enlargement – Manual lengthening

Since the penis consists of muscular and cartilaginous tissue, a dedicated massage can lead to its elongation. Thus, to practice this technique, men should massage the penis, just longitudinally, from the base to the tip. For this technique you need a lubricant, or a penis enlargement alloy, especially for this type of exercise, we will use Titan Gel, being one of the most popular penis enlargement products.

For massage to be effective, use both hands, especially toe tips. Exercise is for 1 minute and repeats up to 3 times a day, being effective when the genital organ is in semi-erection.

Considering that the male genital organ consists of muscular and cartilaginous tissue, a constant massaging of it can lead to its elongation. But to achieve this exercise, men have to massage the penis, only longitudinally, from the base to the top with both hands. Exercise is practiced for one minute and repeated up to three times a day. Manual stretching is one of the best exercises for penis enlargement to be effective when it is in semi-erection. In this exercise you can use either a hot towel on the penis to warm up the area before performing the exercise, or you can use Titan Gel to warm the area with the cream, which is stated in this exercise, in many ways is the best treatment for penis growth

Techniques for penis enlargement – Manual stretching

Penis stretching is a pretty dangerous technique since many men who have practiced it have come to cause injuries. Practically stretching the penis is done when it is flaccid. Gently grabs the base and pulls down. The penis remains in this state for 15-20 seconds, then it is released. This technique is recommended to be repeated 20-30 times a day but with great care. When the pain is felt, the penis must be released. And for this method you need a special lubricant to give you a better movement without irritating or damaging the outer part of the penis, we recommend Titan Gel cream, if you can not order online, you can call the phone site.

Techniques for penis enlargement – Using the vacuum pump

The vacuum pump for penis enlargement is a special cylinder that uses a manual system to create a suction. This penis device creates a partial vacuum around the genital organ, blood is drawn into the penis, making it more voluminous and longer. As the vacuum increases, the difference between the blood pressure inside the penis and the pump, also increases. It is advisable that when using the vacuum pump to increase the penis it does not have too much pressure.

Techniques for penis enlargement – Manual stretching by pulling and spinning movements

To be effective, this exercise is practiced daily for 30 minutes for an indefinite period of time, stimulating penile glands in this situation and increased blood flow to the penis. This exercise must be done with firm movements when the penis is flaccid but without getting into the erection. What should be noted in this exercise is that Titan Gel is a very good intimate gel for vascularization of the area, and it is especially designed as penis enlargement cream. It is one of the best exercises for penis enlargement, but it takes very much control and self-discipline.

Exercises for penis enlargement: 4. Extending mechanical stretching

Extending mechanical stretching is one of the best exercises for penis enlargement and consists of attaching one extender to the penis. In order to have effective results, it should be worn for long periods of time clearly established, eight hours a day. This device applies a constant thrust force that prolongs and increases the circumference of the penis.


This technique can be practiced with your partner or by yourself. Practically, the technique involves controlled vascularization of the sexual organ. In order to get quick effects and for the technique to be effective, controlling the sexual organs is done when men are about to ejaculate. Thus, when men feel the ejaculation depression should actually stop it.

Thus, the sexual organ remains super vascularized and the muscles that make up it are fed much better. At the same time, this technique can lead to increased sexual performance and better partner satisfaction.

Still, the stopping technique can be exercised by yourself during masturbation. The secret is that the man stops from masturbating before ejaculation.

The results of these techniques are visible in a maximum of one and a half months, it seems, during which time the penis could rise by half a centimeter, or even an inch or two, depending on how well the exercises are performed. Penis size matter! Be careful not to cause injuries!

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