Increasing potency in men naturally

Increasing potency in men naturally

Increasing potency in men naturally

Increasing potency in men naturally: according to several studies conducted over time, it has been concluded that an active and fulfilled sexual life brings health benefits to the entire body. Including the great psychoanalyst Sigismund Freud, in his treatises, he claimed that 90% of psychic problems had a sexuality problem in the substrate.



Increasing potency in men naturally – About Potency in Men

Male potency is a closely related aspect of age, but there are also a number of factors that may affect sexual performance independently of this. The natural aging process causes severe changes in the body, decreasing the amount of testosterone, a hormone responsible, among others, for libido, being one of the consequences. Also, from the age of 50, the muscles begin to relax, causing the amount of collagen secreted in smaller amounts, which prevents the blood flow from reaching the penis and causing the erection. On the other hand, potency may be affected by certain conditions, such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, renal disease or erectile dysfunction, but also, according to some studies, a high level of cholesterol in the blood. Among young people, potency problems can often have psychological causes such as psychogenic impotence, anxiety and depression are determinant factors.

Increasing potency in men naturally –  Enhancing potency without pills, through sports

Male potency can be greatly improved by practicing sport. Besides the fact that the movement has an antioxidant effect in the body, slowing the premature aging process at the cellular level, it helps to gain flexibility, learn better techniques and increase physical resistance. The best exercises that support the masculine potency are swimming and aerobics. According to data from a Harvard study, 160 people, all former swimmers, over 60 have had better sex performance than those with 20 years younger who have not practiced this sport. Also, all Harvard researchers have demonstrated, on a sample of 51,000 men over the age of 50, that aerobic exercise reduces 30% of erection problems. At the same time, weight lifting is recommended for maintaining an active sexual life, this type of exercise stimulating testosterone production.

Increasing potency in men naturally – Natural pills or gel to increase potency

There are a number of natural remedies with a positive impact on the increase in potency, but the diet is also of major importance. Certain drugs, smoking, alcohol, and zinc deficiency adversely affect sexual performance, while others, such as blueberries, bananas, figs, seafood or garlic, have aphrodisiac effects and increase sexual resistance. Herbal supplements based on safflower, ginger, ginseng, almond, babilla, brussels, bell pepper, Muira Puama or Macca, as well as cinnamon and cloves tea help fight erectile dysfunction, stimulate libido and greatly improve sexual performance, also fighting psycho-emotional causes that can stand at the base, duration, frequency of sexual intercourse.

Combined with a quiet environment, a normal physical activity and an appropriate nutrition to boost potency, you can use Titan Gel with confidence to prolong sexual intercourse.

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