Enlargement of male genital organs – Personal need or pride?

Enlargement of male genital organs – Personal need or pride?

Enlargement of male genital organs – Personal need or pride

Enlargement of male genital organs – Personal need or pride?

First, there were more variations in penis size in the soft (soft) than in the erection state. There is a difference in perception of size in this regard: a penis with a mean flaccid size will increase in dimensions more transposed into an erection than a size above average.

But if you insist that size will not meet your desires, although measurements will prove the opposite, you may have a psychological, not a physical problem: body dismorphic disorder (or dysmorphic disorder of the penis). It is a concept similar to the one developed in the case of anorexics and is an emotional disorder; popularly, affection is also called “uratenia syndrome”. According to worldwide studies, most men who use penis enlargement pills suffer from this disorder and they are also the biggest category dissatisfied with the results.

A doctor of Romanian origin, George Ciolacov, said in an interview on the subject that there are actually three categories of men who require penis enlargement surgery or are using other methods of this kind:

  1. those who really need this surgery (have a birth defect or suffered a trauma or an accident that affects their daily living)
    2. those who, by their eagerness, want larger dimensions for their reproductive organ
    3. those who need a psychologist (shows dysmorphic disorder of the penis)

The American Association of Urology, the American Society of Aesthetic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgery have declared their vote against the request for penis enlargement for reasons other than medical ones. However, various methods and products are available on the market, although no scientific research is warranted for these methods. It is best to try and then to form an opinion.

Generally, the best variants in penis development are those natural penis enlargement methods, and there are many types of exercises, a penis enlargement device, and pumps for natural penis enlargement.

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